Welcome to J Cabán Music

 Hi there, I love teaching guitar through the process of learning songs that you want to play.

We’ll explore technique and theory, while learning songs together. I enjoy working

with students of all levels and ages, teaching and supporting the creative journey 

with the tools and techniques to develop students’ own skills and musical ideas.

*I'm also available to consult on instruments, amplifiers and effects

to help you develop the tone you're searching for!    

John grew up in Amherst, MA and has toured the globe while living, teaching,

and playing professionally in Brooklyn, NY for over 20 years. Bringing his talents

to artists such as Richard Bona, Alana Davis, Art Neville, Eddie Kramer,
Bo Diddley, Kenny Kirkland, Galvanizer, StompBoxTrio, The O-TonesNeycha,

KJ Denhert, John Cruz, Gloria Gaynor, Gianna Nannini, Dispatch, Tino Gonzalez,

Ed Vadas & The Fabulous Heavyweights, & many others. 

All lessons are taught via zoom and come with a

video overview to practice and jam along with.


 30 minutes - $30

 45 minutes - $40

 60 minutes - $50

Paypal Venmo accepted.

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Please contact - 

for scheduling and more information.



Student comments:

"I really appreciate the way you teach guitar. The lessons feel pretty easygoing, but not unprofessional.

I always learn a lot and you're great about answering questions. I also like that you encourage rather

than reprimand when it comes to things like practicing."


"I like the song based approach you take, where we grab theory, phrasing, timing and tone lessons

all through the lens of breaking down individual tunes. Overall your patience and encouragement is awesome, and your love of music is totally contagious and inspiring!"


"John's knowledgeable, approachable and is able to generate interest in any kind of music, and he teaches according to the student's interest and ability. John's both extremely talented

musically but also down to earth and focused on student success."


"John is SO talented and easy going. I am a novice but John is 100% encouragement. I enjoy his depth

of knowledge and his lesson structure and look forward to class each week!"


"John takes the style that inspires you and somehow encourages you and you are learning techniques and how to play while keeping it fun ,all without bias or intimidation."


"J Caban is a talented, motivating, fun and experienced teacher!! My son has been taking guitar lessons with John for about a year now and he has learned so much!! He always looks forward to his lessons! Together, they work on technique, learning chords, putting chords together and creating music!! Not only has my sons confidence in playing guitar increased, so have his skills and his love for playing music!!"


"I really appreciate that you are so flexible and are willing to give so much control to the student. I enjoy being able to ask a relatively simple question or give a request and have you talk and teach on the subject in a very in-depth way, clearly drawing on experience and your own creative style. I also

like how responsive you are to my musical tastes - whether by fortifying them or getting me to

expand (both of which you have done). e.g., sending albums you think I might like."


"I enjoy how you record part of the lesson so I can look back on the video later and practice with the recording. I also like how I get to pick the song to learn. It's a really chill and easy environment to learn

in. Although I started my lessons online and have never had an in person lesson, learning guitar online seems almost better because you can look back on the lesson whenever you want because it's

recorded. This makes it so you can always remember what to practice and always have help

during your practice time."